Wk15-Classmate Conversation-Kiara C. Lacambra

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Kiara. She was really sweet and easy to talk to. Unlike myself, she grew up in Long Beach and has always lived here. I learned that Kiara is a second year pre nursing student. I know that nursing is one of the hardest majors at our school so I spent a lot of time talking to her and understanding what it is like. I knew you had to have basically perfect grades in order to stay in the program. I thought you had to maintain a 4.0 or else you would get kicked out. Kiara told me that you won’t get kicked out but it will be very hard to get excepted into the actually nursing programs if your grades aren’t basically perfect.

I feel like nursing is a really stressful major to maintain but I have a ton of respect for those who pursue that career. It’s really amazing to be so selfless and devote your life to helping others.



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