Wk15-Art Experience-Design Thinking Applied to Life

If I am being honest, this project was a little difficult for me since I don’t really have all these plans for my life. Most people are worried about what they will do after college and where they would end up, but I am really not that stressed. As a christian, I completely trust God and understand that He has a perfect plan for my life. While I have things that I would like to happen and things I am interested in, I am not really worried about where I will end up in a career.

The biggest thing I realized when filling out my different possibilities was that anything is possible. I am pretty confident I can do anything I put my mind to. I think I am just scared to take the risk and don’t really think it will happen. I also kind of feel embarrassed to take a leap and do some of my interests because they aren’t as traditional as society has told us.

My first future possibility deals with what I am currently studying at school. Fashion. I think ultimately, this is the one I would like to see happen the most. I have been interested in the arts ever since I was little. I think I get some of it from my mom too. She is a photographer, is good at calligraphy, and makes beautiful artistic creations. Even though I like it, I never really had an interest in pursing art. However, I have decided to change my path and focus on fashion since it is both artistic and business oriented. This semester, I have really been interested in making my own clothing. Too many times I go to the store looking for something specific I see in my mind. I then end up spending hours on end with no results and much frustration. Especially as a college student on a budget, I thought it would be really practical and enjoyable for me to create my own clothing. It definitely fulfills my need for creativity. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to pursue these ideas in the dorm room so I am hoping I can work on it this summer when I am home. On top of that, I have wanted to either create my own blog or Instagram page with the things I like to do. That is one of the things I feel kind of weird about. I feel unsure about creating that kind of outlet and the problem of getting people who will actually look at it and take me seriously. It’s kind of a scary jump to take. For this plan, I will probably work towards a career in fashion merchandising and work within a company. My ultimate goal would be to create a blog/channel where I can share the projects I do and do that full time. I think that would be great to work from home and share my own creations whether it be fashion, art, or home decor projects. I think it would also be really cool to create my own clothing and then sell them online at affordable prices. I think I can practice this possibility by working to create my own clothing. I really want to devote a lot of time to this during the summer. I will have an apartment next year so I can also bring a sewing machine and continue this craft.

My second possibility would be a life as an evangelist. The other week at church, the message was about God-given leadership gifts. Not everyone has the same set of strengths and sometimes we have a calling. I felt like I identified with the evangelist personality on a very deep level. My heart breaks for the lost and the broken every single day. I actually feel frustrated that my family and friends don’t know the goodness and grace of God. I constantly feel called to be a light for others and demonstrate the example of Jesus. This plan for my life would be focused on sharing this with other people. I would probably work to increase my biblical knowledge and be prepared to answer any question I am faced with. Along with this, I would like to take on more leadership roles within church, bible studies, and college clubs. I also have a strong desire to travel the world so I could use this gift to minister to those in other countries. Especially those that are less privileged. I can also outreach to those in my own community or on campus. I know I have most of the resources to accomplish this since I feel that sharing the good news is a calling for me. However, I don’t feel as confident in this path. It’s hard to say how stable it would be or how to really make a career out of it. I don’t feel as confident in making this my one goal in life. This job is EXTREMELY hard and I have already experienced this. So many people will react negatively and shut you down. However, I still feel like I am doing what God wants me to do. Ultimately, I think this plan is more like a supplement onto whatever else I do in my life.

My last plan is to be a yoga instructor. I absolutely love yoga and have experienced its positive change on my mind and body. I think this would be a fun career because it would help people to get healthy while focusing on mental wellness. I don’t have as much confidence in this since I still need to increase my yoga skills. It is kind of hard for me to work on them in the midst of a busy college schedule. If I did do yoga, I think I would take a different angle and do something new. Yoga is a really relaxing, spiritual activity where you get in touch with your body, mind, and capabilities. I ALWAYS express my feelings about how cool it would be to do christian yoga. I’m starting to think that it is something that I could actually do. Nobody else really is, so why can’t I? I think it would be a really awesome time to connect with God, pray, and just talk to him. I could possibly create my own studio that focuses on this or even do a youtube channel or blog. I feel like this could have a really great impact on people and also taps into my evangelist calling.





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