Wk14-Art Experience-Sketching in the Garden

I was pretty excited to do this activity because I hadn’t been to the Japanese Garden yet.

Although I am not big into sketching, I enjoyed this activity because it was so peaceful. The weather was nice and the view was beautiful!! My favorite part was watching the ducks. I don’t really think any of my sketches came out that great but they aren’t too bad either. For some reason, I really hate pencils. I feel like they look messy and whenever I use one, the outcome of my drawing or writing is not even close to what it should be. Therefore, I avoid pencils at all cost. I am also really picky about which pens and markers I use hah! I used a pencil on my sketches, but I probably should’ve just used a pen for a more pleasant experience.

Anyway, back to the point. I really enjoy drawing flowers, plants, and vines. But I draw them from my mind rather than looking at them and copying what I see. They usually turn out really nice when I do. I actually think a bunch of little drawings like that have appeared on my ID cards. I definitely struggled more when it came to drawing a full scene in front of me. It was especially difficult to quickly draw bushes and trees and make them look somewhat like bushes and trees. It’s hard to do that without spending a lot of time on tiny little leaves.

My favorite thing to draw was the water lily flower. It was more up my alley of things I like to doodle.

Overall, I preferred my small representation sketches the most. I felt like they looked the nicest out of them all.



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