Wk11-Classmate Conversation-Nikita and Shannon

This week I got to meet Nikita and Shannon.

Nikita is  a first year student who is originally from the Central Valley. She is currently studying Health Science and wants to go into the medical field. I learned that she is in a sorority right now and loves it! I am planning on joining one next semester so it was nice to get to talk to her about her experiences. Here is her blog.

Shannon is a fourth year student here and has always lived in the area. She is studying biology and is thinking about possibly going into a field like dentistry. She also is considering taking a gap year before she starts a serious career. I told her that I used to do music and I learned that she played flute when she was younger. We both agreed that we miss it sometimes. Here is her blog.

All three of us bonded over our favorite shows, especially Friends. We all like the same characters: Joey, Chandler, and Monica. Overall, it was really nice to get to know Nikita and Shannon!



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