Wk10-Art Activity-Architecture and Urban Planning: The Wedge

I chose to do the wedge near the FA4 building. I had never seen it before this project and didn’t realize how awkward it was. Definitely bad planning!

I felt like if this were to be a serious project, it would be hard to do anything too serious without going under a lot of construction. I chose to do a few smaller things that might help without changing the building much.

I didn’t want to tear down the tree because it makes me really sad when developers do that. I care a lot about nature and protecting our environment so I promote trees, plants, and flowers around campus. However, I felt like it would be better to remove the bush right next to the door and didn’t feel like it would be as big of a deal as removing a tree.

I took out the random railing along the pathway up to the main doors because I felt it was random and unnecessary. Then I removed the lamp post right next to it. Although we need the light when campus gets dark, I thought it could be moved a few feet somewhere else since it really clogs up the pathway. In addition to these, I decided to removed the roof that comes out of the wall just above the main doors. This awning was supported by two columns on each side that made the entrance to the left door really tight. The last thing I did was expand the concrete pathway more over to the left to make the area feel like it was part of the main entrance.

Ultimately, I think these changes will open up the area and decrease a pretty good amount of the traffic. Although it might still be a little tight, I think it will be a lot better than the current situation. Not to mention, the construction is relatively minor and wouldn’t take terribly long to complete. Lengthy construction can only make the problem worse.



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