Wk9-Art Activity-Graffiti Writing

I was disappointed that this art activity was set for the week before spring break. If you live in the dorms you had to be out by Friday so there was no option for me to go to Venice, although I wanted to so badly. I really wanted to go to the bookstore with the zines after my newfound love for them. I guess I’ll have to go another time.

Instead, I decided to do my graffiti art when I flew back home into Roseville. My dad has a ton of spray paint in the garage so it was nice not having to pay for new materials. I got my brother to hang out with me and we were able to use some extra cardboard my dad had laying around. The dogs also helped a little bit 🙂 My brother, Asa, spray painted his name and then hid the rest of his art from us until he was done. He ended up using a bunch of colors and just calling it “abstract art.” At first I just went for it but didn’t like how it turned out. After my first attempt, I wanted it to look more “graffiti-like” and tried it again. I definitely liked the second one more.

My color of choice was light blue and I decided from the beginning that I didn’t want to go overboard on colors. I did some shadowing with black paint and then added some purple color to the background. After I was done with my name, Asa and I spray painted some more for fun. We ended up doing a collaboration of flowers.

This project reminded me of when my family moved from Delaware to California in 2014. Almost three years ago now! We drove across the country and made a stop in Cadillac Ranch, Texas. While there, we bought a bunch of spray paint and contributed our own work. The ground was literally covered in caterpillars who leaked green goo when accidentally stepped on and there was water all around the cars. This actually made it kind of hard to reach them, but we pushed through for a good time. I added some photos from this experience. On one of the cars I spray painted my own name and on another one I wrote my grandmothers name, Patsy. She had passed away about a year before we moved and it was somewhat of a commemorative thing to leave her name there. The experience was one I will never forget. Even though our art was probably covered by someone else’s just a few hours later, it was pretty neat to contribute to such a giant art project.

I don’t always like the messy look that graffiti gives off, but I do enjoy the feeling of getting to spray paint something. It is relaxing, fun, and smells pretty good too! I also had a great time getting a chance to hang out with my family away from all the electronics and busyness of life.



One thought on “Wk9-Art Activity-Graffiti Writing

  1. Beautiful post Eliza! That’s so great that you got to collaborate with your brother on this. And thanks for sharing the cool Cadillac Ranch pix!

    So the dorms kick you out for Spring break?



    I mean, travelling is good! But your room should be your room. “We get a day off – you’re out”? – Lame! 😦

    Sorry that you missed the Venice Art Walls and Small World Books. (haha, at least not visiting the zine rack at Small World probably saved you money! 😛

    Not that you need the points… but if you still want to go to the Venice Art Walls / Small World, I’ll give you EC for it.

    Really a nice post Eliza.


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