Wk9-Artist Conversation-Antonio Hernandez

Artist: Antonio Hernandez

Exhibition: One Body

Media: Paint, cardboard, paper

Gallery: CSULB Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist

Antonio Hernandez is currently a freshman at California State University Long Beach. He is originally from Los Angeles but is now living in the Beachside dorms. Although Antonio participated in this art installation, he is not an art major himself and is actually studying Marketing. He is a part of a larger religious group on campus called Intervarsity. Himself and sixteen other members of the club put together this art show. It is made up of both artists and non-artists. Antonio himself created one piece of art in the show titled Hope.

Formal Analysis

The piece titled Hope by Hernandez displayed a bridge object with three legs connecting to a center piece. It was created with paint, paper, and cardboard. It also looks like bubble wrap was also incorporated. The colors used are mainly cool, ranging from white, gray, and blues. Most of the other works in the gallery were painted on canvas. Other materials included mirrors, books, clay, wire, and more.

Content Analysis

The work in this gallery was created by a christian group of students and mainly focuses on community and the love of Jesus Christ. In community, we accept the conflicts and differences among each other because Jesus accepted and forgave us first. This exhibit explores the way we reflect the character of Jesus into our communities. The collaboration of artists also focused on politics and how divided we are as a nation right now. Antonio’s piece is very much like a response to the nation’s theme of building walls between people. His piece represents the future and instead shows the connecting of different people through the arches.

Synthesis/My Experience

I enjoyed this exhibit very much. I am a christian myself and know how hard it can be to share the good news of the Lord with non-believers. Many people will just shut you down and reject you, but it is important to remain steadfast in the Lord. Antonio was speaking about how him and his fellow artists were somewhat nervous about doing an exhibit like this and how people would react. I really admire their use of artwork to share the gospel and great sense of community that comes with it. Their theme of community is really important in today’s world. We are a progressive nation that has come a long way with equality but lately it seems like our country is taking a step backwards. I think this exhibit really reminds us that we are all in this life together. God made us as equals. We are all his children and we need to be reminded that we should lean on each other throughout our lives. Even though we have many backgrounds and differences, we are all loved by the great creator. We are equal in His eyes. Overall, this exhibit was really inspiring and important in today’s world.


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