Wk8-Classmates Conversation-Antonella Redekosky

For my classmate conversation this week I had the pleasure of meeting Antonella. She is currently a third year student at California State University Long Beach and is pursuing her degree in Dance. I told her how I had already switched my major once and am probably going to do it again. I’m thinking about majoring in fashion merchandising and Antonella told me she was actually thinking about doing that as well until she finally decided to pursue a career in dance. I don’t have much experience in dance but I told her that I did tap when I was little. I also told her I go swings dancing a lot but she’s never danced swing before. Antonella has lived in California her whole life and is an only child in her family. She told me she always wanted a younger sister but her parents actually never had another child because they were worried about having a boy and disappointing her. I thought that was pretty funny! I had a great time getting to know a little about Antonella in class on Wednesday. She was very sweet and nice!



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