Wk8-Art Acivity-Finger Painting

The wifi has been down all day at Beachside. I went down to the front desk and they didn’t know when it would be fixed. It actually didn’t even seem like they were working on it. So I have had no wifi to do any of my homework. I’m currently writing my blog posts on my tiny phone, using my own data so I’m pretty irritated right now. The finger painting activity gave me something to do without needing wifi so that was pretty calming! But I am beyond stressed with this inconvenience.

I was going to buy some normal, acrylic paint for finger painting, but my work is behind on paying me so I currently have $3 to my name. I decided to just use some watercolor paint that I already had in my dorm. Plus I really enjoy the look of watercolor paintings. I knew this would be a challenge but I didn’t really have another choice. Unlike other types of paint, the water color I used is packed into a dry mold and activated when mixed with water. So you can’t really scoop a big glob of it and spread it around smoothly. I think it took a lot longer because of this and was significantly harder. I could only really make one swipe across the paper before I had to dip my finger back into the water and then the paint.

I first started on a larger piece of watercolor paper. I liked not having a subject because I could just let go and express inside feelings through colors. The only frustrating part is committing to a color scheme that looks nice. When I first started my finger painting on the paper, I used a bunch of colors because I didn’t know what I wanted. From there I kind of figured out what colors I enjoyed together and took that and made my real painting on a small canvas I had purchased beforehand. I used four colors total on the canvas. I also ended up cutting a small piece of the paper where I liked the color and wrote a small quote on it. Just because.

The experience of painting my actual finger painting on the canvas was pretty relaxing. It felt good to fill up the white space by mixing around colors I liked. Even though a particular subject is not drawn, I very much enjoyed the feelings that came from the beauty of watercolor paint on a canvas. I don’t even know how to explain it, but it makes me feel both peaceful and joyous. It’s so simple and beautiful. I think my finger painting is definitely different from other paintings because you can really make it what you want. By looking at the colors and presentation of the piece, you can create your own feelings or symbolism. It’s not as specific as maybe a painting that has a certain subject and tells you what is happening. Like a historical painting that displays images of war. Finger paintings like the one I created can be so vague and the viewer is able to see what they want.

Personally, I think my painting kind of represents beauty and simplicity: things I strive for in my life. I love the beauty of the world around me and it’s definitely important that my environment is clean, simple, and aesthetic. This really impacts my life and outlook on things. Part of it also makes me think of flowers. I absolutely love and admire flowers and see them as a big symbol in my life. It’s no surprise that the flower vibe came through my painting.

I really enjoyed this art project. I am glad that I ended up using watercolor because I think it fits my personality better. I love the paleness of it; it’s so beautiful. I am also really glad I painted on a canvas and will be hanging this up and keeping it for a long time!


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