Wk7-Artist Conversation-Tidawhitney Lek and Juliana Bustillo

Artist: Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition: Doodles in Space

Media: Tissue paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art Werby Gallery

Instagram: @tidawhitney @juliaanaaaab

About the Artist

Both Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek are in their final semesters within the California State University School of Art. Their area of concentration is a BFA major in Drawing and Painting. Upon graduation, both artists hope to move to the east coast for grad school. Tidawhitney Lek grew up in Long Beach, California with a love of art. She mostly spent her time focusing on drawing. Her parents could not afford paint for her so she had to be creative as she grew as an artist. One thing she spent time doing was dipping a paint brush in water and using it to paint on the fence in her backyard. She didn’t actually get to experience oil painting until she entered high school. Juliana Bustillo was actually born in Texas but moved to Los Angeles shortly after and spent her time growing up in Southern California. As a child, Juliana was really into drawing and actually submitted some of her work to the Scholastic magazine. She wasn’t very serious about art in high school and didn’t actually view it as something she could pursue in her life. It wasn’t until college when she took a semester without art that she realized how important it was in her life. Since she didn’t have a specific concentration, Juliana mainly focused on gaining a solid foundation in art techniques. Both artists decided to work together on this drawing installation after comparing how similar their styles are within the contemporary abstract field.

Formal Analysis

The exhibit, “Doodles in Space” enveloped the whole gallery. The artists used both black and white tissue paper to color the walls and floor of the room. They also used bunched up tissue to make different figures within the space. Instead of only using tissue paper from a craft store, toilet seat covers were also incorporated into the installation.”

Content Analysis

Tidawhitney and Juliana spent time last semester simply doodling on paper. They were inspired by these mindless works of art and decided to create them into an actual art installation. A lot of their art plays around with duality through their use of black and white tissue paper. According to their artist statement, the exhibit explores the themes of meditation, time, intuition, conversation, critical thinking, and liberation.

Synthesis/My Experience

I thought this exhibit was pretty neat because when you walk into the gallery, you are literally consumed with the art. The concept of turning doodles into a big art installation is something I have never seen before. Usually, we doodle as a mindless act. Whether it be out of boredom, to help concentrate, or through a means of relaxation. Typically we don’t hold the doodles we create while sitting in class to such high regard. A lot of the time we just discard them. I thought it was pretty neat to see an artist’s doodles turned into a different form of art.



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