Wk7-Classmate Conversation-Rachel

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel. She was so nice and I really enjoyed talking to her. She told me that she is also a first year student studying psychology. We discussed how impacted the classes were for her major. She has to take a lot of 8 am classes since they were mostly full when she registered for classes. Rachel has lived in Long Beach for most of her life but actually spent her last two years of high school living in Tennessee. We bonded over how different the east and west coast is. It was cool relating to her situation because I also moved across the country before my junior year of high school. Her mom still lives in Tennessee and she lives with her brother here in Long Beach. I told her how I am dorming at Beachside and I found out she actually works in the dining hall there! We have probably passed each other there before but neither of us remembered. I actually ended up seeing her there later that day! It was great to have another artist conversation this week and meet someone new!

Here is her blog



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