Wk6-Artist Conversation Inspired Story

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: Dank Memes

Media: Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby  Gallery

One day, a litter of 4 Shiba Inu puppies were born. Each had a different personality. The first dog born, Daisy, was a natural leader who found joy in being the head of the pack. The second dog, Max, was the athletic one. Hours on end would be spent playing fetch with the shelter employees and swimming in the backyard pond. The third dog, Lucy, loved people. She loved hanging out with all the other animals in the shelter, but whenever a human came to visit, her eyes would light up and she would nearly explode with excitement. The last dog, Doge, was a little out of the ordinary. Unlike his brothers and sisters, Doge had the ability to speak english just like humans! Also, he was the sassiest creature anyone had ever met.

Eventually, all of Doge’s siblings got adopted and he was left alone at the shelter. In hopes of finding a forever home, he hid his true personality when humans would come around. Finally, a family took him home one day. Doge was so excited!! After the adoption papers were signed and they arrived at his new home, Doge let out a loud “much wow!” His new owners were so shocked that they ended up passing out. None of them had ever heard a dog speak clear english before!

Feeling no shame, Doge became all sassy with his new owners for being so dramatic. Under his breath he muttered, “much disappoint.” After several hours of listening to the grammar of Doge, the owners began to realize what they had gotten into. They felt too bad to take him back to the shelter. They were good humans who realized all animals deserved love and a nice home. Yet at the same time, they didn’t quite understand the sassy nature of their new pet.

Soon, the owners found a great use for Doge’s special talent. After being married for 25 years, the couple had three teenage children who were all in high school. Although they loved their children very much, they often found it hard to deal with their drama and complaining. Whenever their children became too full of themselves, the owners would send them straight to Doge. He would set them straight with all of his colorful responses and the parents no longer needed to waste their energy fighting with their kids.

In the end, Doge’s family proved to be a great fit! He was loved more than ever and his special talents were put to good use!

The End



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