Wk6-Art Activity-Zines & Flip Books

This was probably my favorite art activity so far! I knew I didn’t want to do a flip book because I have never enjoyed them that much. Also, I wanted to try something new so I decided to make my own zine! I had never heard of zines before this project. This past week I found out that the name was actually based off the word “magazine.” Coincidentally, CSULB was hosting its very own zine festival in the galleries so I was able to check them out before I got started on my own project.

I absolutely fell in love with zines this past week!! I wanted to buy probably half (or more) of the ones I saw in the art galleries. They were all so funny, relatable, and cute. I think the best thing about them was their ability to cheer me up and put a smile on my face. One of my favorite zines that I saw in the gallery was called “K-9 Dating: Single Dogs Looking for Love” that had different profiles of dogs. It was so simple, yet so perfect and everything I wanted to see. I loved how the zines were all hand made. It actually made me appreciate them more sine they were so personal. Another one I really like was made by a 5 or 6 year old girl named Nora titled “Machines That Can Make Your Cat Fly.” She also did one about different pet fashions. It was the cutest thing ever!!

For my zine, I chose to highlight some of the funny things my boyfriend Luke says. He makes me laugh every day and so for the past two years, I have been writing down some of the things he has said. I loved making this into a zine. It definitely made my collection of Luke sayings more fun and personal! I only chose a few, but I’ll have to make more some day with the rest of my list and as it continues to grow. At first I thought about drawing photos of him to go with the quotes but I’m really not good at drawing. I was then going to print out some photos from my phone but my printer ran out of ink. Thankfully, I had a bunch of old printed photos that I had no use for. I decided to cut them out and glue them into my zine. It actually worked out perfectly!! I’m super happy with the result! I sent photos of my zine to Luke and he told me he fell to the ground laughing in the middle of Target because it was so funny. This is definitely something I’m going to keep for a long time!

I LOVED making my zine and I really want to make some more soon!!!



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