Wk5-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing

I got Luke to help me again for the automatic drawing this weekend. We help each other out and it always works out nicely. Luke is currently taking a visual storytelling class at Chapman University and has to take photos of me every weekend depicting a story using different props, angles, and compositions. So every weekend we end up working on his project and then doing my art experience for the week.

We both agreed that the automatic drawing reminded us of a ouija board and were a little unsure of how it would seem to move on its own. Unfortunately we did not have a board to put the paper on and ended up placing it on the floor instead. It was a bad decision because it ended up making our backs ache. We were also going to use an oil crayon but found it too small for both of us to hold. We ended up using a Tombow brush pen and it turned out pretty nicely.

Luke had a really hard time relaxing and got impatient really quickly. Whenever the brush pen would move, it felt like he was pulling it in the direction of movement. Several times before we got serious we stopped and asked each other if we were moving it. We figured out we were not resting our arms on anything and the pen was simply flowing with the movement of our bodies. It was very interesting and relaxing!

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I actually ended up liking the simplicity of the black and white contrast but went back and added some color later just for the sake of it. We couldn’t really pick out something we thought it looks like, but the right of the drawing looks like it spells out a word. It looks like it says “yetos” but that’s not a real word. In the end I had a lot of fun creating this unique project!! Luke was pretty pooped afterward as you can tell from the last photo.





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