Extra Credit-LA Book Fair

I don’t read much. When I was a kid I would sit for hours on end reading books but somewhere along the way, that changed for me. I think my high school education had a big impact on why my interests in reading came to a halt. In high school, you are required to read certain books. After a while, I started to associate reading novels with all the books I was forced to read but didn’t enjoy much. I love To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, but I some how ended up having to read it in three out of four of my years in high school. It was a pain! There were only a few books throughout high school that I deeply enjoyed and I think that kind of made reading less enjoyable for me. I really want to read more. Personally, it is just difficult for me to get in to. Especially when I am so caught up with other things.

When I first heard about the book fair, I really wasn’t interested simply because I really don’t read. However, I looked into the details and actually really wanted to go! Unfortunately, everybody was busy…or didn’t want to go with me. So I took myself on a date to LA. I ended up stopping at the Museum of Contemporary Art while I was there. I was a little disappointed because more than half of the museum was closed for reconstruction. Although, I was given a free ticket to come another time due to this inconvenience.

I grew up all over the east coast and I have officially decided that the LA Book Fair was one of the most “LA” things I have ever experienced. If you are from the east coast, it would fit your expectation of what Los Angeles is like. There were so many people at the book fair! I was actually kind of overwhelmed. To be honest, I had know clue what most of the books were about and looking at how sophisticated some of them were made me feel somewhat naive. There were specific genres that I was interested in but the books were all organized by author so that didn’t really work out for me. I found a few things I really liked. I especially enjoyed this book titled “Mother Nature” that photographed old women posing in fields of flowers. I loved it but it was more than I was willing to spend. I ended up not buying anything because I like to live by the philosophy that I shouldn’t buy something unless I absolutely love it or will regret not buying it later. I think my experience would’ve been better if I had a friend to accompany me. It would’ve been easier to figure it out with somebody else. I still had a great time though! It was really cool to experience so many people gather in one place to appreciate art and literature. I noticed that pretty much all of the artists were independent and worked on a smaller scale. I wish I wasn’t a broke college student or else I would’ve loved to support them more. A good amount of the materials also spoke out against politics and sexuality and I really admired that.

I really hope I can go to the LA Book Fair again next year and bring Luke or another friend. Overall, this experience inspired me to read more. I think it definitely makes you a more well rounded individual. I guess I just need a little push for motivation!


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