Wk3-Classmate Conversation-Lauren

This week, I got to meet Lauren. She is currently studying information systems, a major I had never heard about before. Lauren lives really close and has always lived in the area. Therefore, she commutes to school every day and doesn’t get to experience what it is like to live in the dorms. I told her it’s not that great and the housing system really takes advantage of your money. We talked about our family lives and I found out she has two older siblings and her sister also attended California State University Long Beach. She asked if I was a dog or cat person and I said cat but told her I have dogs as well. Lauren prefers dogs and we found out that we both have two dogs at home! We also shared a common interest of our love to travel. I learned that she has been to Asia a lot and absolutely loves it! She explained how it was a lot easier to get around town by taking the train or walking. The only downside was the extreme humidity, which I could relate to after living in Florida for a few years. Lauren and I both agreed that we would really love to travel to Europe some day and possibly study abroad, maybe even for just a few weeks. I had a really great time meeting Lauren and walking around the art galleries together!

Here is her blog!





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