Wk2-Classmate Conversation-Kathryn

This week for our classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn, a dance major in her junior year. She was super friendly from the moment we started talking. I learned that she has lived in Fresno California her whole life but really wants to travel more. We shared a common interest of anxiety when it comes to flying on a plane and we talked about the terrifying part during take-off where it feels like you are falling for a second. I told her about how I have lived in a bunch of states because my dad works with the Department of Homeland Security. Kathryn told me that her sister’s boyfriend is also in Homeland Security but her mom doesn’t want them to get married because she would have to move so much. I told her about how I had to move so much growing up with my dad’s job; it was tough but some of the best experiences I have had. We bonded more over our interest to travel and she told me about her friend who lives in Alaska. She really wants to visit there someday. I had no idea it was really cheap to take a trip there and I am now adding it to my list of places to go! She showed me some photos and it looked so beautiful! We also got to talk about studying abroad. It is something we would both love to do but we agreed it would be sad to leave our families-even for a semester. However, it would be really cool to go over winter or summer break for a few weeks! I had a great time meeting Kathryn today and am looking forward to my next classmate conversation.

Here is her website! https://kathryngio.wordpress.com



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