Wk1-Art Experience-Plaster Casting

I was really excited that Glenn gave us an activity at the beach! This is my second semester at Long Beach and I feel as though I don’t go to the beach as much as I would like. I dragged my boyfriend, Luke, to do the plaster casting activity with me at Seal Beach. We carefully placed our hands into the holes we dug and packed wet sand all around. We mixed the plaster in a bucket and carefully poured it into the hand molds. The plaster itself was a weird consistency and looked exactly like marshmallow fluff spread. While waiting for the plaster to dry, Luke and I enjoyed the sunny day and took some photos. I knew the molds of our hands would not come out perfectly, but I was surprised to see that the plaster barely sunk into the fingers-the result was actually quite amusing. The directions told us to use two parts plaster and one part water, but after viewing our results, we decided that next time we would add a little more water. This would likely make the mixture more runny and hopefully fill out the entire mold of our hand. In the end, it was really exciting to experience plaster art! Plus we had fun and did something new!


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