Wk1-Classmate Conversation-Anthony

img_5129Yesterday in class, we did our first classmate conversation. I was already sitting next to Anthony so we decided to get to know each other. We had a nice conversation and got to chatĀ about where we grew up and our everyday lives. Anthony is currently studying film in his second year at CSULB. I told him my boyfriend also studiesĀ film and goes to Chapman University-where Anthony he said he had some friends. He told me that he never got to dorm since he lives so close to the school and wished he could’ve. However, he has been to all of the residential halls at CSULB with his friends and we talked about the differences and benefits of each one. He told me that Parkside was supposedly built on old indian ground and is rumored to be haunted. That was new information for me and I found it pretty funny. Overall, it was really nice getting to meet someone new in class!


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